Tips to navigate cargo shipment congestion

The Cargo Services team works with hundreds of professionals in over 80 countries around the world. Think… Truckers, Rail Workers, Agents, Port/Air Officials, Forklift Drivers, Customs

Professionals. These professionals are saying the same thing, “This is the worst time ever in the industry.” And they’re offering tips:

  • Space is king. If you get vessel space, take it (QUICKLY). Price is secondary to keep goods moving.
  • Disruptions cause (longer) delays. Manage around it by creating longer supply chain timelines.
  • Delegate. Clients with strategic supply chain designs are giving staff managing shipments the authority to make quick decisions.
  • Flex. Transit times are now estimated not definite. What took 30 days now takes 60. What took 60 days now takes 90+. Rail and trucking transit times are expensive and delayed.
  • Stay the course. Jumping out of a supply chain plan creates more delays and frustration. We cannot pull a container midstream in an attempt to move to the front of a line elsewhere. It creates more issues, delays and increases overall cost.
Cargo Services team of trusted and tenured professionals continues to support customers supply chain needs and is working with new customers. Contact us.