Guidance tariff increase

The tariff rate increase from 10% to 25% is effective for goods on the September 2018 Federal Register Notice. You can see the list by clicking here. It is a PDF that can be downloaded to your desktop to review and share. For specific questions regarding your shipment contact your Cargo Services representative.

According to official notice from U.S. Customs & Border Protection. CLICK HERE
  • freight forwardersIf your shipment is in transit on/after Friday, May 10, it is subject to 25% duty.
  • If your shipment is in transit before Friday, May 10, it is subject to the 10% duty.
  • In this scenario, if you are filing an entry May 10 but statement date is on/after this date, you should enter the estimated entry date to be the same as the date of import to ensure your entry is accepted with 10% duty rate.