Freight forwarding industry experiencing chassis availability crunch

Freight forwarderThe freight forwarding industry is experiencing a chassis availability crunch now, result from among other things the peak of the Chinese New Year rush.  Chassis pools at most Midwest ramps (Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati etc.) are failing to keep up with demand. The problem is most of the chassis are already under boxes in container yards or at customer facilities waiting to be unloaded.  Many times truckers can’t get a chassis to pre-pull containers from the rail ramp causing delivery delays and additional charges. Most container truckers are already booked two weeks in advance and are struggling to keep up with daily deliveries. Weather has also are having a major impact on getting containers delivered, for example today in Indianapolis ice covered roads created hazardous driving conditions.

While we are doing everything in our power to help get your containers to be delivered;
customers need to plan for extended delivery delays and additional charges including
rail ramp demurrage/storage charges, chassis fees, and higher delivery rates.

Please contact your Cargo Services representative with any questions.
We appreciate your patience.