Shipment delays: Read the latest disruptions

Supply chain delays continue as a result of shipment disruptions. This is what we’re watching as of March 16, 2022. If you need shipping support, contact our team.

  • COVID outbreaks in Asia

The tech and electronics hub Shenzhen has imposed a lockdown, and Asia’s top port Shanghai is restricting nonessential travel. This is creating closures at manufacturing facilities. China has tried to keep shipping ports at these cities running by requiring many workers to live at the docks. The municipal lockdown order on Sunday evening did not specifically exempt port workers. Management companies have argued before that port workers are essential. Read more.

  • Port congestion
Supply Chain DelaysThe Port of Vancouver is prepared for congestion to worsen, with data showing the volume of laden import containers will jump almost 25 from last week. The projected increase signals the end of the Lunar New Year lull in imports from Asia. According to Ham Sud:
  • Prince Rupert – Vessel waiting time is 14 days. Yard utilization is at 107%  capacity.
  • Vancouver – Vessel waiting time is 28 days. Yard utilization is at 108% of capacity.

The chart on the right showing vessel wait times was sent from Maersk this week.

  • CP labor negotiations in Canada

Canadian Pacific Railway officials have been meeting with union representatives to negotiate a settlement and avert a work stoppage in Canada. The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference represents 3,000 locomotive engineers and conductors, who voted in favor of strike action last month. The key issue is the Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

  • Gas prices
We are seeing fuel surcharges from truckers up to 51%. Make sure to budget for this line item for the remainder of 2022.
Learn more now. Read our Port Congestion FAQ.