Customer Focused

Cargo Services, a customer focused Midwest freight forwarding company, knows their success is dependent on their client company’s success. That’s why company owners and employees work as an extension of their client’s team to provide peace of mind that cargo shipments will be imported, exported or shipped crossed country at a fair rate using the right systems to ensure cargo arrives as expected and anticipated. Cargo Services communication systems with clients do not include voicemail. Why? Because Cargo Services owners and employees want to talk with their clients, vendor partners and anyone else who calls to hear what is needed, enhance the supply-chain system and create a long-term relationship. And yes, company owners are available and accessible to employees and customers.

Sometimes it sounds corny to describe a company as trustworthy, but the people at Cargo Services really are just that. I make one call. The team is responsive with fair pricing and excellent service. My rep seems to almost read my mind knowing when I need to get something done. It’s easy to do business with Cargo Services.

D.D. Williamson