Order No. 56 effective today, June 1

For cargo imported into Chinese Mainland, cargo exported out of Chinese Mainland, and cargo transhipped via Chinese Mainland, manifest(s) must be complete and accurate in line with the adjusted CCAM Regulations. Manifest(s) missing any mandatory data will be rejected by customs. No grace period has been announced.

China’s General Administration of Customs requires the Cargo Services EIN number to be included in documentation. While this raises questions among some of our customers, the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America says it does not consider EIN numbers equal to Social Security numbers. The association believes that EINs are not protected in the same manner as Social Security numbers and are instead considered to be public information.

Additional adjustments include:

  • Enforcement of complete and accurate cargo information in advance submission of manifests to China Customs electronically. Submissions are to be done 24 hours prior to loading for export, import and transshipment cargo.
  • Complete and accurate reflection of all goods under bills of lading in the manifest(s).
  • Provision of shipper/consignor and consignee information, such as Company Code and communication number.
  • The shipper/consignor and consignee in China require the inclusion of the applicable Enterprise ID number(s) in their local export / import declaration to the China Customs for this new change.
  • The carriers need to submit the cargo information to the China Customs before the vessel’s departure or arrival. The carriers would then require the inclusion of the shipper/consignor, consignee and notify party’s Enterprise ID number in the shipping instruction messages to comply with this new change.
If you have questions about Order No. 56 and your cargo shipment,
please contact your Cargo Services representative.
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