About Us

Cargo Services, an international freight forwarding company located in the Midwest, has a global logistics team that is considered one of the best in the business by its customers and professional partners throughout Indiana, the Midwest and the world.  Company owners, managers and employees have 700 years of combined international transportation experience in all facets of freight-forwarding and customs brokerage services.

Cargo Services Inc., based in Indianapolis, Ind., has an experienced and tenured forwarding team that maintains relationships with hundreds of professionals in more than 80 countries on behalf of clients throughout the Midwest.

The team uses its talents, knowledge and expertise to partner with clients representing manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, plastics, animal feed, food, publishing and other business sectors to seamlessly move air, ocean and ground cargo. The team creates long-term customer relationships of trust through the company’s “3-C culture”: customer focused, creative solutions and community driven.

Experience Cargo Services “3-C Culture” focused on customers, creative cargo shipping solutions and bettering the community where we live and work.

“Cargo Services is a good partner for our company. It impressed me that Cargo Services is involved in the community through programs such as the Books for Youth Campaign. The owners also take good care of their employees and that shows. They are just really good people.”

Haynes International

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